Makaton Monday ~ Yorkshire Pudding

Little did I know when I asked the Makaton Charity if they had a sign for ‘Yorkshire pudding’ how much it would come to mean to us.

Bruiser LOVES Yorkshire Puddings. He has a very limited diet and can be fussy with those few foods but Yorkshire Puddings, he could eat till the cows come home.

Back in January we had a difficult period with our communication with Bruiser. He was getting very upset at mealtimes. Initially, we couldn’t figure out why. He was upset with what he had on his plate and refused to eat it some of the time. We quickly realised that he wasn’t being his usual fussy self, he was asking for a certain food. But what? We went through all his foods and was met with frustration and anger from Bruiser that we didn’t understand. This obviously got very upsetting for us all.

One particular day I asked the boys what they’d like for their dinner and Bruiser attempted to tell me. After a huge meltdown about it, I offered my hand and asked him to show me. He led me to kitchen and looked bewildered around the room. I started his search off by opening the freezer and getting all the draws out and asked him to find it and show me.

That he did. After only a few minutes he lifted out the frozen Yorkshire Puddings (yes I’m ashamed to say I’m a Yorkshire lass that doesn’t cook her own!). This was what he wanted and proceeded to tell me ‘I wuv vem’. I told him they were Yorkshire Puddings. He tried to say it but couldn’t and got quite upset and frustrated with himself. (Bruiser is very much aware that he has a communication difficulty, but that’s a story for another day).

I assured him it was okay and that I would find a sign. I searched through all our books and believe me we have a lot now, but couldn’t find one. I tweeted the  and asked for their help.

Unfortunately they replied to say that after looking through all their word lists they didn’t have one. However, they said that they would send a request to the sign team to create one. Now I know they are making and creating new signs all the time but this was still a bit WOW, they were making a sign for us!!

As with all the signs Bruiser has learnt over the last two years, the words usually come when he has a sign to use. As we had neither, I needed to help ease his frustration while we waited. I made the decision to use existing Makaton signs for him to communicate Yorkshire Puddings that we (his family) would understand. I used the finger spelling for Y to represent Yorkshire with the sign for Cake. Obviously you really can’t just go making up your own signs, but these were well-practiced, existing signs that he knew very well that I knew wouldn’t confuse him.

Like I said when he uses a sign, the sound/word eventually comes and this instance wasnt any different. Bruiser has started to say Yorkshire Pudding in his own little way :-)

A week or so ago though, I got a lovely email from the Makaton team with the sign. I told Bruiser there was a new sign for Yorkshire Pudding and he got very excited. (he loves learning new signs!) Initially he refused to try it as he said it was ‘too difficoo’ (too difficult). But after a few days of watching me demonstrate it to him, he was more willing to try. He now loves asking and signing for ‘orksa pudiiiiiin’. The sign is also getting more and more accurate every time he tries it.


The first part of the sign represents creating the batter and the second part is showing the raised edge of the pudding.

 yorkshire pudding



Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.



Making A Change For The Better (Step 2)

I’m a strong believer that caffeine makes the world go round and let’s face it, life with young children demands caffeine. There’s no getting away from it. All parents are sleep deprived in some way shape or form. We are also so busy that we need that pick me up at some point during the day. Or maybe lots of times during the day… That’s me!!

Bruiser doesn’t sleep well at all, fact. I’m constantly on my feet all day, and trying to keep my head together while two boys litter my head with demands, needs, wants all at the same time as well as dealing with the difficulties Bruiser encounters on a daily basis, the grey matter needs to be in tip-top condition. The last six weeks have seen me turn into a full-time coffee guzzler and I’m usually an occasional tea girl!

Since the little people have returned to school though, I don’t need that pick me up anymore but yet that need for coffee is still there, like an addiction and I don’t like it. Yes im still tired from lack of sleep but I need to cut back on the caffeine. I need to detox!

I already drink a lot more water these days since I made my first change for the better a few months ago. That’s going great. But I need to replace the coffee for something. So, ive bought some green tea with a twist, Twinnings Gingerbread GreenTea!

making a change for the better

I’ve always been a lover of green tea but only ever been able to drink it hot because of the aftertaste when it’s cooled down. But this is lovely and not bitter. Its warming and the aroma makes me feel cosy and relaxed.

Evenings need a change too. I stop drinking coffee after 5pm in an evening otherwise id be bright-eyed all night long. So ive been getting the caffeine fix albeit not as strong from drinking fizzy pop, by the gallons! (its ro refreshing!) I’ve chosen to replace this with juice and Camomile Tea.

making a change for the better

Whilst I’ve never been a Camomile fan, it is relaxing and I hope that it will help me switch off and unwind with the hope I might sleep better for it. Obviously thats when Bruiser is feeling generous in the sleep department anyway.

While i’m also in ‘body is temple’ mood, im drinking my favourite, hot lemon water! In essence its sliced lemon in freshly boiled water. Its great when you’re feeling sluggish and has great detoxifying properties.

making a change for the better

I’m day one into my change and the headaches are already kicking in…. how bad is that?!! But, im hoping by the end of the weekend I will have turned myself around enough and be feeling much better for it.

 Wish me luck!


With a Bit Of Wonder Woman Thrown in For Good Measure


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