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This Is My 365 ~ 126-132

We’ve had some big moments with the boys this week and some firsts!

Bruiser discovered shoes with wheels, yes that’s right roller skates! He loved them and wasnt scared to move around on them either. He was though, absolutely distraught when he had to take them off when we left a relatives house. It gave me and idea for a Christmas present for him though.

Wriggler got another wobbly tooth, his 3rd! :( It’s almost a year since he got his first wobbly tooth and in that time he has only lost his two bottom front ones. But since then his big teeth have grown through and its been like he never even lost them. Wriggler loosing his teeth is just another reminder that he’s growing up (too fast).

Other events have seen Bruiser and Wriggler been creative as always. Bruiser has taken a new laid back approach to eating his yogurt at supper time and Wriggler is clocking up some miles on his scooter now. A day doesn’t go by that he isn’t on it. He must do a good three miles a day at the very least as that’s the school run round trip! Bruiser also decided that eating isn’t all that bad and has started tucking into and trying new foods. It’s still a very limited bland tasting yellow/orange/beige coloured selection of food but its progress! He even ate his lunch at nursery for the first time since he was a baby!

The highlight though this week was Bruiser moving into a big boy bed. My heart is broken, he really isn’t a baby any more. The cot was the last proper baby thing left in the house. But, he loves his little bed and im slowly getting used to it now.



This Is My 365 ~ 119-125

Yey the wonderful weather is finally upon us :) Happy Days!

This week, Sporticus has featured heavily. Bruiser refuses to take off the Sporticus outfit. He’s worn it for nursery, shopping, generally playing and knocking about and he even tried to wear it for bed! He’s really enjoying watching Lazytown and acting out while he watches it. It’s not a side the Bruiser we’ve seen before so we’ve been encouraging it along and pretending to be in trouble so he comes bounding in, jumping and doing forward rolls to come to our assistance.

The boys have been Mummy and Daddy’s little helpers, in the garden, doing the house work and out shopping. Its kept them entertained while giving us the opportunity to get stuff done.

Wriggler and Bruiser proved this week that they can ‘work together’ not so much against us but to get what they want! Wednesday the shopping came, I put it all away and as usual removed the boxes before putting the things in the freezer. The boxes were all stacked on the side waiting to be taken to the recycling bins. On returning from school, I was upstairs getting changed, as I made my way down stairs, Bruiser was stood in the doorway to the kitchen shouting ‘MEEMEE’ ‘Meemee dare’ (in english… MUMMY! Mummy’s there!) and came running for a cuddle. At the same time I heard lots of commotion coming from the kitchen. I went in and Wriggler was crouched by his activity cupboard trying in vain to shut the cupboard doors before I saw. He didn’t manage it because all the boxes that had been on the side came crashing back out!! Yes he’d taken the boxes and tried hiding them in his cupboard to use later. I don’t know for sure that they had concocted together but, Bruiser stood in the doorway and purposely telling his brother when I appeared makes he suspect that they had!! Is the a start of things to come?? :)

I successfully completed my Makaton Beginners course this week. I’m glad it’s under the belt now so I can move on and do the enhanced course in July. Bruiser is above beginners level in his use of Makaton and is so ready for the next stage (which he already knows a fair bit of). This leads me on to a Makaton Story we created in our course this week. Bruiser already recognises a lot of the Makaton symbols and when he saw the story, he loved pointing out what he knew and then sat back while I read and signed it all to him. He loved it and Wriggler, he was very interested that Makaton has symbols that he can draw. Wonder where he will take that…



This Is My 365 ~ 112-118

This week has been action packed. Three school runs a day make the days just disappear. Between that, and normal day-to-day stuff, and now my Makaton course, finding time to make sure the boys get to enjoy something other than the normal has been hard going.

I think the high light for the boys was the Firemen coming :) Our smoke alarms needed replacing, when I called the Fire Service and arranged for them to come round, I wasnt expecting an engine and four firemen turning up. But we didn’t complain. The boys loved exploring the engine and the rest of the week they enjoyed playing firemen and dressing up! Wriggler got quite creative with his outfit, who knew a blanket and a transformers mask could make a fireman!

Its been a week for reading too. Bruiser spent some quality time with his Inclusion Worker who showed him how to ‘sign’ the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. The boys have loved sharing this book, its  favorite for them both. A trip to the library resulted in them each borrowing a copy of it, not to mention another family favorite, The Gruffalo and more books about space and planets!

Bruiser had a lesson in washing up the pots, but that didn’t last long and soon turned into a kitchen soaking play session :)


This Is My 365 ~ 105-111

This week we have seen a turn in the weather for the better which has given us the opportunity to get outside more and enjoy the out doors.

There has been family time a plenty with cuddles on a lazy saturday morning and board games! The boys have enjoyed playing tennis and golf on the Wii a couple of times this week too. While Wriggler is actually really good and quite the competitor, Bruiser just waves his arms around pressing buttons. He doesn’t do that bad considering!

The boys got me on the trampoline for a few hours which was great fun. I havent been on a trampoline since I was at school. Boy did my arms and shoulders hurt the following day. The boys clearly are in much better shape than me :) It was so funny though. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend that any one with a trampoline, get on it with the kiddies. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Bruiser has been helping his Daddy wash the car. Turns out he’s more of a hinderance! He likes blasting the car with the hose pipe without a care in the world for who is in the way. They all come in looking like drowned rats!

I’ve decided that Bruiser is getting way too big for his pram, but clearly he’s not ready to give it up just yet. He likes a good old snooze on the afternoon school run!

This week, I even managed a night out on the tiles with the Yummies! Well, Mummy’s need ‘play dates’ too ;)

This Is My 365 ~ 98-104

This week heralded the start of a new era for us. You can read more about our New Beginnings over on this link. Bruiser has started his 3-yr-old funded nursery sessions. Its been so different not having him toddling round the house. Mondays for me were my half day kid-free time that I usually looked forward to but this week, I was clock watching. I had the full day to myself yet, I couldn’t wait for it to end and go and pick them both up. Wriggler though is loving that Bruiser will be at school more and looks forward to when he will eventually be able to play with him in the playground.

The boys this week have been inseparable. Everything they’ve done has been together. Bruiser loves following Wriggler around and copying his every move. A trip to Tesco resulted in the boys getting new chairs for their little room table. They even set themselves up in the shop and sat giggling away to each other.

Bruiser starting nursery has made me realise just how quickly he’s growing up. He had his hair cut last week which aged him a year to look at. Seeing the boys together in their chair’s at home this week has made me realise how tall Bruiser really is too. To look at their picture you wouldn’t have guessed there was nearly 4 years between them would you!

This week has been dominated by a cartoon that had previously taken over our house many years ago with Wriggler… Ben 10! and, its taken hold once again. This time its Bruiser that is captivated, while Wriggler tells him all about it and fills in the blanks for him ;) Ben 10 has even led their creativity. Bruiser one night disappeared upstairs and came back with an empty toilet roll holder, put it on his wrist and slapped his hand down on it like Ben 10 does with his Omnitrix! This then led Wriggler to show Bruiser how to decorate it and make it into a ‘real’ Omnitrix!

Wriggler is really loving that Bruiser shares his love for drawing painting and generally been creative and is so encouraging of Bruiser’s efforts. It’s lovely to see them playing together so happily!

Bruiser’s refusal to sleep and persistent waking up over the previous 3 weeks really took its toll this week. The sleep deprivation made us go against all our principles and get him in bed with us. Eeek. (something only done when I was breastfeeding or when they’ve been really poorly). But, he slept and it allowed us get to catch up somewhat. It was beginning to feel like house of the walking dead in a morning. But it didn’t last long and he was back to sleeping in his own bed and sleeping all night again! *phew*

Bruiser turned into Daddy’s little helper this week as we nose-dived into the decorating. The boys, Wriggler especially seem quite excited about what we are doing and took full advantage of our turned backs while we were busy :)