Wriggler’s First Sleepover

So Wriggler has gone on his very first sleep over!! Its not something that i envisaged happening any time soon given that he is only 6 but, hes with our oldest friends and he gets on so well with their lads, its like they’re brothers!

He was so excited and has been all week, he couldn’t even eat this morning because of his excitement. We’ve counted down sleeps, we’ve talked about what they’ll do a hundred times and he’s planned what toys he wants to take too many times to remember!

For me and his daddy however, this isnt just something new and strange, we are full of mixed emotions. This is the first time he has ever slept away from home period and, apart from when Bruiser was born, this is the first time we have spent a night without him.  Hes had no sleepovers with grandparents or the like, we don’t have that kind of support network around us.

So what does a 6yr old lad take on a sleepover??

  • Frank, Monkey and Spotty Dog
  • his blanket
  • midnight feast food… mini cereals, a large bag of haribos and a large bag of lollys
  • a rucksack full of toys

what does a mummy pack her 6yr old for a sleepover??

  • pillow and sleeping bag
  • clothes for the next day
  • spare clothes
  • inhaler
  • his antibiotics
  • suncream
  • car booster seat for his journey home

I think between me and Wriggler we just about got everything covered.

We left him with a big kiss and cuddle and said our goodbyes…. ok so he shouted bye to us from over his shoulder as he raced down the road on his bike… Gutted 😦

***My one bit of advice that i cant emphasise enough is… if your little one goes on a sleepover remember to pack them some PJ’s… cos i forgot!!***

Night Night Sweetheart

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