Celebrating Children’s Book Week


In celebration of Children’s Book Week, i’m sharing with you the books loved most of all by my little ones.




Wriggler’s absolute favorite book as a baby. This one made the keepsake box!

Another one that made the keepsake box πŸ™‚

Wriggler knew and loved this book that much, he could read it to you from the pictures alone without missing a word! (bear in mind he couldn’t even read at the time)




Bruiser’s absolute favorite. Its been read that much, the book is falling apart! Another one for the keepsake box πŸ™‚

Bruiser liked this one so much we had to get the others in the series out from the library to give me and his dad something different to read.

Bruiser would get so excited about the mirror at the end of the book he would turn pages before you had finished reading πŸ™‚


Wriggler reading his school book to Bruiser

Little Book Worm

Wriggler reading ‘Just Like Me’ to Bruiser


Which books do your little one’s love most of all and why?


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Children’s Book Week

  1. mcnicholas6 says:

    Ahh lovely, I think our favourites were Peace At Last (still a firm favourite too) and Little Red Hen. And now the boys are reading the Oxford Reading Tree “Kipper” books are brilliant! x


  2. mummywifewoman says:

    yeah those books are lovely too. don’t know if ive seen ‘kipper’ books. will have to check them out!
    the ones my boys liked were pretty much all free books through bookstart lol. probably why they make it into the bookstart packs to start with! x


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