Last Orders



I’ve never been a big drinker by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve been there and done that and i got myself a few t-shirts along the way 😉

But, in recent years, any tolerance I had for alcohol has well and truly been evaporated, having spent a good 4 years out of the last 7 either pregnant or breastfeeding. So, its true to say that after a couple of glasses of wine now, I can be found under most tables giggling inappropriately!

Just recently having had a night out with the ladies, drinking copious amounts of wine and cocktails (rough the next day would be an understatement of the very least) its given me a new taste for a good drink and on the odd weekend of late, I’ve been trying new drinks and its fair to say some have taken me by surprise and made it to my favorites list.

But what are my favorites? Here goes…

Taboo and Lemonade with plenty of ice. An old old favorite. This was the first alcoholic drink i ever bought, it was on a Sunday evening out with friends at The Mason’s, my local back then 🙂


Baileys on Ice! This drink speaks for itself… Who doesn’t like an ice cold Baileys??


Martini and Lemonade with plenty of ice!


Snowball. A favorite going back to my childhood. Every Christmas my mum would make me and my brothers a very very weak snowball, with lots of ice and lemonade with a cherry on a cocktail stick. Even now I still buy it in for Christmas, although the strength of the drink has increased somewhat.


Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer (with ice). A recent discovery! To say i don’t like ginger beer as a soft drink, this took me by surprise as its a huge favorite now!


Rum and Coke with ice. Another new addition to the list. I borrowed a bottle off my dad to make my Christmas cake, he said to use it all. I took him literally 😉


Mojito. Another new favorite. It actually leaves you feel surprisingly human the next morning. Just not when mixed with copious amounts of Rosé and several pitchers of other cocktails 😉


What are your favorite drinks and why?


2 thoughts on “Last Orders

  1. mummywifewoman says:

    yeah i think it needed a ‘woman’ post! I did love Gin at one point, but i had a bender with my mum once and i cant even stand the smell of it anymore lol.
    looking forward to the baileys shots! 🙂


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