Winter is coming… Are you ready?


The nights are drawing in, rapidly I might add! X-factor has started. Halloween is but round the corner and the Christmas countdown has begun… All this must mean one thing, Autum is here and Winter is well and truly on its way. (Whether it actually left is debatable!)

I actually like the cosyness that winter brings, sitting indoors listening to the wind and rain battering the windows, watching snow fall through the window while i’m all warm and snug inside with the heating on.

But whilst outside in the elements, you need to be prepared. After a tireless search for a stylish yet practical waterproof (which by the way, doesn’t exist), this week, i took delivery of my new winter investment…. a Regatta windproof/waterproof coat! I love it. Thank you to threeunderthree for the recommendation.


I already own a lovely pair of gloves courtesy of my hubby, a great thoughtful present bought for Christmas last year. They are smarTouch gloves (you don’t have to take them off to use your touchscreen phone). Practical and very warm! They are also great for driving too as they have a rubbery grip to them, so no more frost bite from the steering wheel.


Footwear comes in the form of my trusty UGG’s which i couldn’t live without.

I’ve got some wellies, while they’re not the most stylish pair I could have picked, (hence no picture lol), they’ll be warm and dry and that’s all that matters when you are trugging through the most horrendous wet weather and snow.


An umbrella is another must. Having said that though, when it comes to rainy windy days you might as well not bother. However, i’ve picked out this Umbrella, its wind tested to 72mph no less!! But given the price, this one might just have to go on my ‘Wishlist’ 😉

On the subject of umbrellas; as a mummy, i know how impractical it is to push a pram, hold on to your other little one(s) and try and get under an umbrella to stay dry. Well, i have it on good authority that this little gadget is prefect for securing an umbrella to your pram leaving you hands free and dry (and its also strong enough to securely hold your umbrella in strong winds) 🙂


Ive also seen this nifty welly liners.

They look really warm and you wouldn’t have the issue of socks sliding down your feet inside the welly.


Inside the house i like to warm my slippers on the radiator while i’m out. After any trip out side the house, a hot bubbly bath is a  must and then cuddles and cartoons under my Snug Rug (another thoughtful present from hubby, and probably the most used present he has ever bought me) with the boys and hot chocolate 🙂


What do you like about winter?

What do you do get that cosy warm snug feeling?

Are you ready for it?


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