Project ‘Boys Bedroom’


Having recently decided we are going to start decorating the house, its got me and hubby thinking about what we want, like etc.

The biggest project we will undertake is the kids bedroom. They currently share a room which is still the nursery but they are both growing up so its time for a proper big boys room…. Which comes by way of a bigger room!! We are swapping rooms to give the boys our (master) bedroom. Three times the amount of room to play and store toys!

Between us we’ve come up with some ideas, we are still undecided on single or bunk beds but equally decided that the room needs to reflect both their personalities. Wriggler loves action and heros, Ben 10, transformers, thundercats etc. Bruiser loves transport vehicles, cars, planes and rockets amongst his favorites! They both love climbing and hiding. Wriggler isn’t tidy and leaves his toys where ever they fall, Bruiser on the other hand likes order and organiastion!

Got our work cut out haven’t we!

Scouring the internet we have come across the most amazing designs of beds and rooms that they would both absolutely love .


Room Ideas

This little rocket room was made for Bruiser

Wriggler both loves and wants this on his bedroom wall!

Wriggler and Bruiser would equally love this on their bedroom wall.


Bed Solutions

A practical, safe, simple option. But i love the stairway to the top and i’m sure the boys would too!

I like all of these!

A totally unsafe, impractical but very fun bed

The boys could ‘camp out’ every night in this bed


But these two beds are the winning beds for my boys!

This Space Shuttle Bunk Bed it just the ultimate bed for Bruiser.

Wriggler saw this and said ‘oh wow a Titanic bed’.


I only wish we had the money to get them!


Which beds do you think your kids would like the best?


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