Project Boys Bedroom – Dark of the Moon Come Space Shuttle Room


Following on from yesterdays Project Boys Bedroom blog, me and hubby got creative last night thinking there has to be a way of giving the boys their dream bedroom… And there it was the Win a £2,500 Home Makeover with Tots100 and Competition!

With less than 18 hours to go to the closing time for entries, it was game on!….

Having previously decided that the boys room needed to incorporate both the boys’ personalities we knew that the space shuttle theme was the way to go for Bruiser and for Wriggler, that’s where the Transformers, Dark of the Moon comes in! Both themes would work really well together and equally please both boys!

As you can see, the boys currently still sleep in what is still the nursery.

Our room as it is, currently the master bedroom soon to be the Boys Room.

View from bedroom door

View from walk-in-wardrobe to far end of room showing main wall

View from far corner of bedroom facing walk-in-wardrobe


Getting Started

Simple sketch of the room showing doors, windows, chimney stack etc.

Along the chimney stack wall, we would like to build in a wardrobe. This would provide lots of storage for clothes and shoes for the boys, whilst hiding away the chimney breast behind some shelving, on which they can keep toys etc.

Simple sketch design showing plans for chimney stack wall and window.

The sliding doors to the wardrobe, curtains, blackout blind and also the walls and ceiling would be very dark navy, with glow in the dark stars, using stickers or paint to create this kind of effect.

Very space like don’t you think?


For the carpet we would like to give the appearance of being on the moon. We have come across these moon surface crater rugs. A few of these dotted around the room on top of an off white / cream coloured plain carpet, would work really well.


simple sketch showing plans for main wall in bedroom

As for the main wall in the room, we would like a picture that shows a view from the moon looking towards earth and this is where Transformers ‘Dark of the Moon’ comes in…

Perfect don’t you think? 🙂

We have found a few websites that can take an image like the one above and make it into a wall mural to fit your wall, which is put up in much the same way as wall paper.


The light in the bedroom, we would like to incorporate the solar system. We think this Solar System light fits the bill perfectly.


We have a walk-in-wardrobe in this room (as can be seen from the first and last sketch) which would be ample storage for lots if not all of their toys.


Last but not least, the Bunk bed!

Space Shuttle Bunk Bed

You can actually buy this bed ready made to use. However logistically its not really an option given that it comes from America. We don’t think this could be that difficult to recreate. We would use a normal plain bunk bed and build the shuttle around it using MDF type material.


To finish off the room, we would give the boys their choice of bedding, Wriggler likes Transformers (obviously) and Bruiser would like this Rocket set.




We also think a couple of wall decals of Transformers wouldn’t go amiss for Wriggler. We’ve come across these, Megatron and Optimus Prime!

Megatron (life size wall decal)

Optimus Prime (life size wall decal)

And for Bruiser, a Rocket here and there. or maybe moon buggies.

Rocket themed wall decals

Space themed wall decals


Hope you like our entry for the Win a £2,500 Home Makeover with Tots100 and Competition!

~ painting and decorating

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