Fun things to do with the kids this half term

It seems like only two minutes since the kids went back to school after their summer break and already the half term holidays are literally days away. Eeeeek

Given that the weather has turned all cold, dull and drizzly, long days out are out of the question. So, What am i going to do with them??

This is my Top 10 list of things to do this half term.


1. First and foremost… Get Ready for Halloween!!

Scary Children

Its time to drag Mr Bones out from the wardrobe, put back those cobwebs and get making and creating pictures to decorate the house. Wriggler loves this time of the year, Bruiser last year was just beginning to enjoy it so this year will be even more exciting and fun.

We need to decorate and carve out a pumpkin. Wriggler has decided that this year he wants our pumpkin to resemble an Evil Angry Bird. (wish me luck)

Not forgetting our annual Halloween tea party

Spooky Tea-party


2. Go to the woods and collect leaves, twigs and conkers to make some Autumnal pictures.

Fun in the leaves


3. Take them out for the day to see my Nan; their Great Nannan. She doesn’t get to see them very often, so I know they will all equally love a day together!

Wriggler, Bruiser and Great Nannan


4. Halloween and Bonfire night baking. I’m going to make pumpkin pie with the pumpkin using my Mum’s recipe (watch this space for that), after carving out the inners and the boys are going to make their own little buns and decorate them however they like. I might even try my hand at bonfire toffee.


5. A fun-filled lazy day in our pj’s watching anything they like on TV, eating what ever they want from the cupboards and doing/playing what ever they choose 🙂


6. Go to Clifton Park for a good run around with Mcd’s for tea on the way home.


7. Get the paints out!! The boys like nothing more than to get creative, Wriggler especially.


8. I promised Wriggler i would get some modelling clay for the holidays, so a day making models with clay. Lots of messy fun, but that’s the best way isn’t it 😉

We can then decorate them another day!


9. Swimming at Barnsley Metrodome. I’ve been promising Wriggler for ages i will take him but im so restricted because of the adult /kid ratio that they have but fingers crossed i can find another adult to join us. Bruiser would love it!


10. Soft Play Fun – perfect for letting them run off steam and surplus energy! We like Playmania and Monkey Bizness. Perfect for the days when its really horrible weather!


These are some other ideas i’ve come across which id love to be able fit in.

Eureka – The National Children’s Museum – I went here when i was a child. I remember it being a very hands on day of fun and learning. My boys like hands on!

Wentworth Castle  – these Halloween activities look great fun… Pumpkin Lantern Workshop, Broomstick making Workshop, Ghost Walks.

Simply Skate – these Halloween activities look great. The other family days look good value for money too!


What are you planning to do with your little ones during the holidays?


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