What’s In My Handbag?


Apparently you can tell a lot about a woman by her handbag and its contents. But, what about a Mummy’s handbag? Can the same conclusions be drawn? I believe so! To me, a woman’s bag is an extension of who she is and it helps her facilitate the roles she plays, whilst housing the items needed to to navigate the world. I’d go as far to say that a woman’s handbag is her grown up ‘security blanket’.

Outside appearances can say a lot, Victoria Beckham’s Kelly bag says ‘i’m rich’, Cate Middleton’s structured purses tell me she is discreet and self-possessed. But, why stop at the outside of the handbag?  If you really want to know about a woman, you need to see inside at the contents.

Now, this is a post I’ve deliberated about doing for a while now. Do i really want to show you whats in my bag?  Do i even know whats in my bag more to the point?

Its a cauldron of surprises. I use it, my children play with it, my children store things in it. It very rarely gets sorted and tidied…. so, dirty tissues, screwed up receipts and shopping lists, half eaten sweets, sticky lolly sticks, random raisins and handbag fluff aside, what am i going to find?

Here goes….



My handbag, which is courtesy of Next. I like its practicality, lots of pockets! and also its extra long cross over strap for when i need both hands free to roam.

My purse, a birthday present from Bruiser in 2010. Not the tiny delicate purse of days gone by… a hefty purse filled with old receipts. No evidence of ID cards. Thanks to the natural aging process that parenting offers, these are no longer required. In their place now are toys ‘r us gold cards, children’s library cards and Starbucks loyalty cards.

My Diary (and pen), my hectic ‘Mummy Wife Woman’ life dictates i need this!

My Blackberry mobile phone (cannot live without!) It was my connection to the outside world when i was housed on the sofa, hourly breastfeeding my boys. Its now a pacifier for Bruiser when he’s done with looking around, munching on the bribery chocolate and wants out of the pram. Pocoyo and Something Special on YouTube gives me a good half an hours grace!

Makaton sign/word sheets for assistance when communicating with Bruiser.

Hand Cream, for those rare moments of indulgence! or for use as a nappy cream in an emergency! (L’Occtaine , my favorite and the best hand cream in the whole world!)

Pro Plus (for ‘those‘ days when a little help is required)



No.7 revitilising body spray

Hair grip

Lip balm x2 – Aloe Vera Vaseline (for the boys) Carmex (for me)

Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer (another item for ‘those‘ days when even more help is required)

A spare scrunchie

Maybelline Lip Gloss

Set of small screw drivers (i cant emphasise enough how incredibly useful these are)

Ear phones for mobile phone (for those rare kid free moments when you need to shut out the world)

USB memory stick

Half eaten packet of Thorntons Truffles (how did they get in there?? 😀 😀 :D)

Cadburys Chocos (for Bruiser and purely for bribery purposes!)

Soft Mints (for Wriggler when i need a moments peace (he talks a lot!))

Travel pack of baby wipes (never underestimate the usefulness of baby wipes!)

Nappy (also useful for absorbing spillages or drying a slide in the playground so the kids can play)

Eumovate ointment (for the boys’ eczema to alleviate the itching when out and about)


Baby nail clippers (Bruiser cannot bear to have bits of nail or skin sticking out)

A toy Car (for Bruiser)

My First Numbers book (for Bruiser)


Not as bad as i first thought. But every item is necessary, needed, and used on a weekly if not daily basis!

From an outside perspective, id say this bag is one of a mum who is practical, organised, and ready for almost any eventuality. I’d like to think that’s me!


Whats in your handbag? What does it say about you?

Do you dare to share?


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