My Favorite Christmas Stories

Everyone loves a good Christmas Story. They give you a warm excited glow inside that makes you feel Christmassy. You cant beat a cosy winters night in, in front of the box. Watching a Christmas film. The light of the tree the only light in the room. 😉

A lot of people recently have been sharing their favorite Christmas films and stories so I decided that I would share mine too.


First in the list is an old old favorite and probably the 1st Christmas film that I fell in love with.

Its a Wonderful Life, starring James Stewart & Donna Reed

Its a Wonderful Life


Another old favorite…

A Christms Carol, starring Alister Simm.

Wriggler came home from school other night saying ‘they had had a pantomime in school about this horrible man that got turned nice because of these ghosts’. He absolutely loved it!  #atimelessclassic

A Christmas Carol


I think this next film is the probably a favorite Christmas film of all the adults today, that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s.

Santa Claus The Movie, starring Dudley Moore & John Lithgow

Santa Claus The Movie


Who doesn’t love this next one…

The Snowman

This story for me is another #timelessclassic. Wriggler equally loves this every year. We’ve even had the book from the library on many occasion.

We cant wait to see the new story on Christmas Eve this year, The Snowman and The Snowdog. A perfect bedtime story me thinks.


The last film in my list is quite a modern film in comparison. But, equally heart warming and magical.

The Polar Express, starring the voice of Tom Hanks.

I love this film! It makes me want to be a kid again and go on this adventure. Wriggler loved this when he saw it for the first time 2yrs ago. We still had it in the sky planner for months after Christmas!

The Polar Express


Have I missed any?

What are your favorite Christmas Stories? What are your Children’s?

Share them here.


I’ve already Sky+’d all these films for next week 😉


Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I read & respond to them all... eventually.

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