Highlights Of My Year That Was… 2012

So, 2012. Its had its highs and its lows. But for me the good times always out weigh the bad. These are my highlights…



Bruiser celebrated his 2nd Birthday.



Me and Bruiser took part in a world record attempt ‘Sign to Sing‘… and, for the Record… It was a Record 🙂

sign to sing cert

We had snow! Not the snow of winters gone by but, Snow is Snow… and Bruiser got to go sledging for the first time.

Sledging together

He enjoyed it more than his face tells you!



Wriggler had his first girlfriend(s) at school. I only knew he had one at all when he said to me; ‘Mummy, Mai isn’t my girlfriend anymore, but its okay cos I’ve still got 2 more!’



End of an era… I started selling our baby things. *sniff sniff* By the end of April, just about everything was gone 😦 But its okay, i still have the cot to cling on to for now 😉



Wriggler celebrated his 6th Birthday.

Ben on his 6th birthday. (I made that cake)



Bruiser started seeing a speech therapist and we were introduced to Makaton. A whole new world of communicating with Bruiser opened up to us. My son had a voice at last.

We went to see the Olympic Torch come through our local town. A wonderful exciting afternoon for me and the boys. Made us feel rather patriotic.

Olympic torch



Wriggler got his first wobbly tooth…. make that teeth, two of them! That was the last of the baby thing left for Wriggler and i was clinging onto the hope that he’d never get one 😦

Wriggler's 1st loose tooth

Me and Hubby celebrated our 10-year living together anniversary. Where has the time gone??



I celebrated my errrm *whispers* 33rd Birthday eeeek



I started my blog!! 🙂

It was 2months in the wobbling but, Wriggler lost his first tooth. *sniff sniff*

Wriggler loosing his first tooth

I made my 1st Christmas Cake



We got in with the Halloween spirit and carved some brilliant Pumpkins.

angry birds pumpkin

Wriggler did a bike ride with a difference and cycled 6miles along the Trans Pennine Trail. A feat he still tells people about today!

Trans Pennine Trail Bike Ride

A moment to be proud, when Bruiser’s three speech therapists told us that he was the most proficient signing toddler they had worked with.



I joined in with thousands of other parents in raising awareness for World Prematurity Day. I loved that I actively took part in raising awareness by sharing Our Story, reading others and made contact with other parents who have lived a similar journey.

world prematurity day

Bonfire Night come Halloween come my Nephews 1st Birthday Party. This was the 1st time we had dressed up as a family. Because Hubby had recently got Bruiser walking around like a Zombie saying ‘ain ain ain’ (brains brains brains), it seemed appropriate that we went as a family of Zombie’s!



Christmas. It will always be my December highlight.

Wriggler and Bruiser on their presents


What were your highlights of the year that was??


So, 2013… What is my resolution?

Last year i my resolution read; ‘2011 brought me untold heartache but, it did make me realise that life is too short. So my New Years resolution this year is simple and I think everyone else should do the same… Work like you don’t need the money, Love like you’ve never been hurt and Live life like there is no tomorrow!

You know what? For 2013… same applies!


Happy New Year Everyone


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