#DryJanuary… Day 1


Can I stay off the booze for 31 days??

My Mission; should i choose to accept…. to avoid that cheeky after work pint, that glass of wine on the sofa, or that big boozy night out, for the whole month.


How hard can it be you might say. I thought the same thing when i signed up for #dryjanuary which is being run by Alcohol Concern. But, come January 1st and i’m already thinking that i hadn’t thought it through properly… New Years Day Dinner, no Bucks Fizz for me… Ladies night out at the end of the week 😦

I’m sure it’ll get easier though. I’ve gone longer in the past when I was pregnant and breastfeeding my babies… I went 18mths with Wriggler and almost 2yrs with Bruiser. But I think the easy bit was that i had the reason not to drink growing away inside me or feeding from me. Now all i have is my will power.

So as i type this post, sipping away on a ginger and lemon tea on the evening of my first day almost done, i’m thinking about why i’m doing this;

*To save money? No! Ive never been a big drinker by any stretch of the imagination so, i probably won’t save that much money in the grand scheme of it.

*The benefit to my body and my overall health? No! I don’t think i’ll see a great difference to my waistline or weight in general. When i drink its little and often as opposed to binge drinking. We’ll see though. I’m 9st 4lb as I type this, I’ll weigh myself again at the end. You never know!

*I’ll have more energy? Now, this would be good! Come the evening when kids are in bed and once I’ve eaten, I do usually slump and fall asleep on the sofa. Having said that though, I don’t stop all day long. I’m a Mummy!

The reason i’m doing this is a personal challenge for myself and to raise awareness. The benefits above are more than enough reason to do it on their own. But, alcohol for me has played a big part in my life these last few years (that’s a story for another day) and as such, it has changed my attitude towards it. I will admit that once upon a time i would drink because i ‘needed’ a drink, bad day at work, kids have driven me up the wall, you know the story! But those are the wrong reasons to drink. If I feel the need to have one I don’t and won’t. When i drink its because i genuinely fancy a little drink.

So the mission is set. #dryjanuary it is!


Are you taking part? Its not too late to sign up!



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