Highlights Of My Week That Was #HWTW

This week was a week of mixed emotions.  The excitement of the New Year, wondering what it will bring and the end of Christmas, the disappointment and feeling of emptiness in taking down the trimmings 😦 I was gutted. Wriggler cried.

‘But Mummy, why cant it be Christmas all the time?’

But amongst all that, we had some good times too. These are my #HWTW

I started #DryJanuary. I’m 5 days in now and its going very well so far. I will admit, its been tougher than I thought it would be. 



We enjoyed some some quality family time at Elsecar Park and Clifton Park, blowing away those cobwebs and dispelling some of the cabin fever that was starting to set in.


Bruiser has always been a good sleeper but, he normally never sleeps anywhere other than his bed or his car seat on long journeys. But, this week Bruiser has taken to putting himself down for a nap in front of the TV on the floor. This is a first 🙂


I had a ladies night in with some of my closest friends. You can’t beat a good catch up filled with gossip and laughter 🙂 #fabnight


I’ve also starting ‘window shopping’ on the internet on how i would like to spend my Christmas gift money. There is so much id like, boots, clothes, charms,  that its going to turn into quite a ‘spree’. I’ve purposely held off from going while the kids are still off and Christmas shutdown is still in effect. Fingers crossed I get out soon:)


There’s a new Super Hero in town… Wriggler was introduced to Captain America the other night during ‘stop up night’ with his Daddy while I was out. Watch this space… hes already on with making himself the shield!


The rest of the weekend though will be spent getting Wriggler ready for returning to school on Monday. Uniforms need ironing, bags packing etc. He’s very much looking forward to going back and seeing his friends and talking about what they got. As much as I love the kids been home during the holidays, I too am looking forward to a return to normality and routine.


What have been your highlights of the week that was?


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