#DryJanuary… Day 9

So, Day 9. I’m now more than a week into #DryJanuary. I cant say its getting easier. I still find myself wanting a drink. I do wonder though if there wasn’t any in the cupboard if id still feel the same way.

I successfully got my through my night in with my friends on Day 4. It did kill me not been able to join them for a drink. But it was also quite an insight towards the end seeing how giggly they were 🙂

At night, I am beginning to see a difference; I’m not falling asleep half as quick! 😉 In the morning i’m waking up feeling quite refreshed and although i’m not getting straight up, I am lying there wide awake. (I’m a firm believer that when the children are still in bed asleep, I should be too!)

Id like to say that my skin is looking better for it. However, i’m still troffing my way through the remaining Christmas food so its fair to say i’ve got a few breakouts!

Tonight though is feeling particularly hard going. Im feeling hormonal, we’ve had a tough day with Bruiser and his meltdowns. I don’t need one but, I just really really fancy a drink today. Just one!

But I won’t


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