#DryJanuary… Day 17

So, day 17. I’m more than half way now. Its not been an easy two week, but i’ll tell you something, these these last few days its like its stepped it up a gear… i’ve been really craving a drink. Not because I need one, but because I just fancy a one. Sunday was particularly bad, I went to my Dads and he caught me completely off guard by asking if I wanted a Snowball. One of my favorite drinks!! I almost said yes!

This week I’ve been to Dr’s and been given antibiotics for a chest, throat and ear infection. So now I can’t drink. This has made me want one even more. I know how soothing a little Whiskey would be on my chest and throat too!

Today is my Hubby’s birthday. No celebratory drink with him tonight 😦

I just need to keep telling myself 2 more weeks 2 more weeks. I can do this…. I’ve given up Chocolate for longer!


Ive heard there is talk of #DryFebruary… could I do that too?? Lets get January over first shall we 😉


Are you doing #DryJanuary? How are you getting on?


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