Wanting, Wearing, Loving, Eating

I love Saturdays. I love that I can get up with the kids and we can just lounge around in our pj’s and watch weekend cartoons. Its fair to say that most Saturdays I never actually get dressed. This weekend will be no different. However, if the snow that’s falling now as I write this is anything to go by, we may well be having another Snow Day outside in the garden. Fingers crossed 😉

So while im more than likely freezing my bits off; playing with the kids amongst the Snowmen, here is my WWLE…


L’Occtaine Ultra Rich Foaming Bath

I absolutely love L’Occtaine products. Their hand cream is just divine and my absolute favorite. On downloading their app onto my phone the other day I came across this Bath Soak which i just have to have 🙂


Wonder Woman T-Shirt

A very recent impulse buy. I’m loving my Wonder Woman Tshirt. Its very me 🙂


Wriggler’s Webcam Gallery

By chance I noticed Wriggler browsing the picture gallery on his tablet this week and I couldn’t not laugh (out loud) at the various eye poses 😀 It took me back to when he was a toddler and if he managed to get hold of either the camera or our phones, he would take picture after picture of Elmo’s eyes!


Walls Cream of Cornish Ice Cream

Bruiser can’t eat enough ice cream just lately. Its all he asks for some days. Im not normally an ice cream eater but after pinching a sneaky mouthful from Bruier’s dish, I too am now hooked. Its immense! Its so creamy. I love it.


What are you Wanting Wearing Loving Eating?? Upload your link over at A Nicer Choice


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