Makaton Monday ~ Daddy

For a lot of children, Daddy is usually their first word or indeed in with their first words. It was in fact Wriggler’s first word. For Bruiser however, Daddy didnt come until he started to talk ‘again’.

He was about 2-months past his 2nd birthday having gone the previous 6-months speechless, soundless to want for a better word! In that time he had had to learn to babble all over again. Once learnt however, he used it repeatedly, obsessively like he was saying it purely for the sake of saying it. Trips to collect his Daddy from the train station or work were spent saying ‘Diddee diddee diddee diddee diddee diddee….’ you get the picture 🙂

Daddy is on the same level as Mummy for melting your heart when its heard for the first time and everytime after that for that matter. A major milestone in our world!





Bruiser signing 'Daddee'

Bruiser signing ‘Daddee’


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.

3 thoughts on “Makaton Monday ~ Daddy

  1. Bright Side of Life says:

    Oh, that expressive little face is just too cute. When we started sign language with Nick, he made up his own sign for Dad. He taps his teeth together as if he is saying Dada. He still continues to use it to this day. We are however, teaching him lots of other Makaton signs.


    • Mummy Wife Woman says:

      He’s become really animated when he signs just recently. I love it when when they sign and when they start making up their own little gestures to tell you what they mean or want. Its such a milestone.
      Thank you for reading and your lovely comment 🙂


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