#DryJanuary… Mission Accomplished

So day 31 is finally here.

(Ok so this post is a tad late! Last week i was feeling so ill with, id like to say cold but, it felt like flu. Im still catching up with all my posts while still trying to blog this weeks planned posts! Prepare to be bombarded ;-))

It’s weird to think that when #DryJanuary started l still had Christmas decorations up. Id not seen any snow. The kids were still on holiday. So much has happened, it seems like an age ago. But no, its only been a month, 31 days!

In all honesty, I set out thinking that this would be a doddle! I didn’t drink heavily. I was an occasional evening (when kids are in bed) drinker who liked to have a night out every now and again. ‘How hard could it be?’, I said on Day 1!! But it’s been hard, harder than I could ever have imagined.

This in turn has made me realise what effect alcohol actually has on your mind and body without even realising. I found myself thinking about it and wanting it (but not needing it)! So when you think about people that have alcohol dependancy issues, what they must go through on a daily basis must be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. The fight they fight every day trying to stay off the drink must be sooooo hard. I have so much respect for those people. Its fair to say thats its given me a different perspective on ‘addictions’ as a whole!

So, Mission Accomplished. I had planned on doing #DryFebruary but I dont want to over do it, I really fancy a drink, just a little one. Celebratory you might say. But, #DryMarch sounds like it could be a plan 😉


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