This Is My 365 ~ 29-35

This week was all about returning to normal. Hubby has returned to work after an extended period off. For me and the boys we were settling back into our normal daily routine.

I can tell you now, there was nothing normal about this week! Nothing went to plan. I was laid up with, id like to say cold, but it felt more like flu. It completelty took the wind out of my sails. I spent most of the week on the sofa coughing, spluttering, sneezing, feeling cold and generally very sorry for myself.

Then Friday, the only day that I actually felt something that resembled human, turned into a night mare day which resulted in an ambulance trip to A&E with Bruiser. He split his head open on the radiator after falling over his own feet running through the room. Hes ok thankfully, and was running around the waiting room in A&E after having his head glued and steri-stripped. Nothing stops him!

By god i was glad when it was the weekend. No more rushing around.

But inbetween all that we did enjoy some quality time together. We went to the library after school. Wriggler kicked Bruier’s butt on Wii Golf. The boys had fun pretending to be Ghost Cars! and Wriggler even adapted the pram to make it into a Rocket for Bruiser. That kid can create something out of nothing!


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