Family First Aid; What every parent needs to know!

Two weeks ago, our Friday afternoon turned into a nightmare. Bruiser who is normally really clumsy, tripped over his own feet running through our room and landed head first on the edge of our radiator splitting his head open.

In the very moment he landed me and his Daddy were up ready to grab him and I was on route to the kitchen to get a cold compress from the freezer knowing full well there would be one hell of a bump. It was worse than that. Before I even got chance to get one, Hubby shouted ‘oh my god’ from the room, as I turned round to look all I saw was blood everywhere. Hubby was holding Bruiser down and applying pressure to his head but blood was just seeping through his fingers and Bruiser was screaming full pelt.

Me, I set about panicking! It just took over me and in my mad rush to get back into the room to Bruiser with a cloth to help stem the bleeding, I slipped on the kitchen floor nearly knocking myself out on the wall as I landed. When I couldn’t find my phone to call an ambulance, I panicked even more!

I did eventually find my phone and got through to the emergency services and a first responder arrived within minutes followed shortly by an ambulance and before we knew it we were on route to the Hospital. Bruiser was fine thankfully. The bleeding eventually stopped when the first responder arrived. He was taken to the hospital as he needed his head glueing and to be checked out due to his age.

But all this left me feeling emotionally drained and feeling some what, to want for a better word, like a ‘bad mummy’, guilty for the panic that took over me and my sense of feeling helpless.

I always thought I would remain calm and collected in an emergency. Ok so im not first aid trained or anything but, I know enough to get by and know when something requires emergency treatment. I think it was the fact that my other half had Bruiser and was applying pressure to his head and I just wasn’t in control of the situation. I like to think had I been on my own I would have remained calmer, who knows! But it does make me worry about other incidents that could happen and how I would react. Because lets face it, panicking is the last thing we should do (easier said than done)!

Since last week I’ve been looking at first aid generally on the internet, brushing up my knowledge and looking at courses I could attend. Whilst looking I came across the British Red Cross. Their website is brilliant and full of great advice for general first aid to video tutorials showing specific help you can give someone in an emergency. As as a mother, these particular ones stood out to me should my children ever get into these difficulties.

1. Choking. The thought of my children choking terrifies me. This video with narration is great. After watching it I already felt much better about the whole thing.

2. Asthma attack. My children both suffer with Asthma. Whilst theirs isn’t particularly bad. Its reassuring to know that I know how to react should they ever suffer an attack.

3. Bleeding heavily. I already knew before Bruiser had his accident what to do in the event of heavy bleeding. But I think this one is worth sharing.

What I have learnt about head injuries is that when they bleed, they bleed A LOT!

4. Unconscious and not breathing. Another nightmare situation in my books.

There are loads more tutorials for example, allergic reactions, burns, broken bone, head injury to name a few, that are definitely worth watching. They each point out the key steps of each emergency and what to do with clear verbal and visual instructions. Check them out at; Children’s First Aid. I already feel better and more confident about my abilities having watched them all!

What i have also found particularly helpful is their mobile phone app which you can download for ‘on the go’ help and advice. I have downloaded it and its very easy to use. Get yours here.

All in all I now feel better and more confident about my capabilities should an emergency ever strike my children. Or anybody for that matter. Maybe next time; ok ‘next time’ are probably the wrong words, ‘If’ there was a next time, I wont panic at all.


How prepared are you for an emergency?



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