Unwelcome Guests

I’ve got one child of school age, the youngest attends a session of nursery a week, so I’m surprised we’ve made it this long without playing host to them. But, I knew deep down we wouldn’t be able to avoid the inevitable acquaintance for much longer….My boys have, 😦 Nits!

Whilst it’s a normal part of childhood, (I had them when I was little, several times!) there is nothing wrong about it, its nothing to be ashamed of but, I personally am repulsed by them. They’re horrible little things and they’ve invaded my babies!



We were all enjoying a cuddle watching Home Alone when something caught my attention from the corner of my eye on Wriggler’s head. Low and behold there one was. I managed to get it out of his hair and after hearing the ‘clicking’ sound as it squished between my nails, that was it, no more cuddles, where was that comb?

On Bruiser, I found one. But Wriggler had quite a few. How could he have so many, id only checked them both at the weekend and they were both clear. How can it get that bad in only a few days??

Wriggler surprised me though. He was quite glad I think. ‘Im not the only one that’s not had them now’ he proudly said. I suspect he thought he had been missing out.

So off to the chemist we went for some Lyclear… and a walk in the snow 😉

Once home I set about washing and conditioning my own hair and checking with the comb that I too wasn’t infected. I hadn’t stopped scratching all this time. Thankfully I wasnt.

When Daddy came home, we literally got straight on with the job in hand. It said to wash their hair first then apply the cream gel. This was going to prove to be a nightmare as far as treating Bruiser was concerned. He hates having his hair washed and hates more so, us touching around his head and ears in general. Combing Bruiser’s hair wasnt too bad thanks to a tube of smarties! But it was so tedious and an experience I DO NOT want to repeat any time soon

waiting for Lyclear to do its thing!

waiting for the nit solution to do its thing!

As far as those little plastic combs are concerned, well they’re neither use nor ornament. It has been recommended that I invest in one of those metal combs though. I fully intend to!!

So come today, my mission is washing all bedding, hats and cuddly teddys from their beds. Hopefully this will ensure that no more of the little critters remain anywhere to re-emerge at a later date; lets face it, no one wants a squatter!!

Whilst I havent stopped scratching since I made the discovery, the boys are itching much less. That is good. Had a cuddle with Bruiser earlier and one landed on me (Ewwww) it was dead thankfully, another good sign. Just a week of combing daily and another treatment after 7 days to be sure once and for all.

Fingers crossed it was a short stay visit.

So long little critters… Au Revoir!

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