Arcee A Hero

When I saw the competition, ‘That’s My Hero‘ over at Tots100, I immediately thought, that it was right up Wriggler’s street!

The objective was to ask your your child to draw a picture of their Hero and ask them why they love them so much.

Wriggler is a born creator. From a very young age he has loved to draw, paint, create and build anything and everything, from just about any material he can lay his hands on. He joins all the Creative Arts after school clubs. He eagerly watches me unpack the shopping, hoping for empty boxes and bottles to put in his Art cupboard. When he grows up he wants to be an Inventor!

When I asked Wriggler if he wanted to take part in the competition he jumped at the chance. Wriggler has always loved a superhero. From Ben 10, Spiderman, Sporticus to Red Ranger, Buzz Lightyear. We’ve had all the fads, and bought most of the collections!

Wriggler thought long and hard about who his Hero was and why. I anticipated it to be Ben 10 or perhaps Spiderman. But no, he took my by surprise. He chose a character from Transformers Prime… Arcee. His reason for this particular character was…

‘I like Arcee because she looks after every one in the town so the decepticons do not hurt anyone. That is why she is my hero’




I think Wriggler sees a little of himself in Arcee. He’s always looking out for his little brother. Sticking up for him. Protecting him.


Wriggler and Arcee

Wriggler & Arcee


This post is an entry into the Tots100 MoneySupermarket That’s My Hero competition


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