This Is My 365 ~ 43-49

This week has been fun-filled to say the least. Our half term holiday continued. I love having both my boys at home with me. I miss Wriggler terribly when he’s at school and each school holiday is a constant reminder of that.

We enjoyed a lovely play date with some close friends at Monkey Bizness in the next town along from us. This worked out great because their children were still at school and so we took full advantage of their off-peak prices and food offers and we pretty much had the full place to ourselves for the 4 & half hours we were there! Lots of fun had by all and very sleepy kids that evening meant for an early night 🙂

We also discovered that we had ‘guests’ of an itchy nature 😦 You can read all about their little visit here. But lets say we never want to see them again.

This week heralded the end of era… my Hubby went for the snip. Whilst I can’t actually carry another baby due to what happened in my pregnancy with Bruiser, I can still get pregnant. So to lay to rest all the worry and stress of falling pregnant and the emotional heartache it would bring, it was decided that a more permanent method of prevention was required, He stepped up to the mark like a real man and I am so proud of him 🙂 Thank you Hubby.

It was Film Club again this month. This is a group we have been put in touch with for children with special needs and their siblings. It meets every 4-6 weeks at our local cinema. This time it was ‘Wreck it Ralph’… which we all loved. For Bruiser, he doesn’t really watch the films all that much, he likes to run around and repeatedly flip his seat up and down. But that is the beauty of the group, no one there cares, there is no huffing or tutting from disgruntled people that my son is ruining their viewing, because their kids are doing the same! For Wriggler, he gets to do a normal family activity that he would otherwise miss out on because of Bruiser’s difficulties.

We had some quality time cuddled up watching a new film (new to the boys), Home Alone! Wriggler loved it. But what child doesn’t at 6 yrs old! It made me feel slightly old though, I can’t have been much older than Wriggler when it first came out :-/

My Hubby and the boys treated me on Valentines to some lovely wine and flowers. Bruiser’s eating continued to get better, he eagerly tucks into his meals now. However, with new found ‘skills’ comes the loss of others.. this time its his behaviour that’s taken a nose dive. One step forward, three steps back… we’ll work on that another day! Wriggler’s been practicing his Gangnam moves on a YouTube tutorial. He gets better at it every day 🙂 He’s also been loving some lovely new books I’ve been sent to review. I’ll tell you all about those another day, watch this space!

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