Wanting, Wearing, Loving, Eating


Wonder Woman Food Mixer

Wonder Woman Food Mixer
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This wonderful food mixer was brought to my attention a few months ago. I keep going back to it all the time and I can’t help but think that it would be a great addition to my kitchen. I don’t have a food mixer, I usually loan my Mum’s Kenwood from my Dad when I need one. So it’s not like it wouldn’t get used 😉



Pink Slippers

Pink Slippers

My lovely warm slippers. When my feet are cold, im cold, so these slippers are lovely and do the job brilliantly. Even better when left warming on the radiator while im out.



Scooter Madness

Wriggler and Bruiser racing to the Park Gates

The Weather! It’s great that we are finally seeing the sunshine. This gave us our first opportunity of the year this week to visit the park after school for a much-needed scoot around 🙂




Ok, so my Dad bought these for the boys. But Haribo are a treat for all ages! I cant help but grab a tiny handful when little ones’ backs are turned 😉


What are you Wanting, Wearing, Loving, Eating this week?

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