Makaton Monday ~ Love

I tell my children that I Love them every day, it’s probably more like fifty times a day. But, I always want them to know that no matter what I Love them both so very dearly.

Wriggler always tells me he loves me back when I tell him. He even comes for a cuddle and says it randomly when he’s in the middle of playing. It’s lovely to hear. I can still remember the first time Wriggler said Love you Mummy, it came out ‘looloo mummy’. He was on the stairs on his way to bed with his Daddy. My heart skipped a beat in that very moment!

For Bruiser, although he doesn’t really come for many cuddles and quite often will push me away, he does enjoy them some of the time. Cuddles and affection with Bruiser are on his terms only! When I tell him I love him, very very occasionally he will say it back. I remember the first time Bruiser said I love you. I had tucked him into bed and as always I said ‘night Bruiser’ he replied with ‘ight eee’ (night Mummy) and then ‘Love you Bruiser’ and he replied with ‘woowoo eee’ (love you Mummy). My heart skipped another beat!

Bruiser copies everything we do within the family unit be it in play, everyday life, routines etc. He’s even started copying things we say, almost parrot like. So when he says ‘woowoo’ I do often wonder, does he feel it? or is he just copying us again? Will he ever really feel it?

I’m making it my mission is to help to teach Bruiser how to express these emotions. Because if he can feel it, I want him to be able to express it and tell us.

This weekend we have been working on the ‘Love’ sign. In true Bruiser style, it didn’t take long for him to grasp it. Now I guess we just have to wait for him to use it on his own unprompted!





Bruiser signing 'woowoo' (love you)

Bruiser signing ‘woowoo’ (love you)


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

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