I Still Miss You

It seems like only yesterday
I sent you a Mother’s Day card.
I signed it with all my love.
I didn’t think it would be the last.
Now that you are gone away,
It doesn’t feel like Mother’s Day.
There are no more chances to post a card.
To send some flowers.
To make a call.
There’s no more thanking you for all that you did.
No more visits.
No more fun.
I cannot even cuddle you or kiss you on your cheek.
I cannot even share a laugh.
It all too quickly became the past.
I took each visit with you for granted.
I thought there’d always be more to come.
The camera lies very still now.
All the pictures have been taken.
All the memories have been made.
All the words have been spoken.
The thing I miss the most of all,
Has got to be your voice
Whether on the telephone or talking face to face.
I wish for just one more chance to talk,
There’s so much that I never said.
I know I’ll see you again some day,
We’ll share the sights of heaven.
We’ll talk, we’ll laugh, we’ll hug, we’ll kiss.
It’ll be Mother’s Day once more.
But until then I’ll be a Mummy for Mother’s Day…
Instead of being a daughter.



Happy Heavenly Mothers Day Mummy

Love You Forever . Miss You Always



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