This Is My 365 ~ 64-70

This last week has been wonderful. Filled with more precious moments and memories to treasure!

It started off on a low point though. Bruiser went to the hospital this week for his blood tests which are part of the screening process. This was an awful time for both me and him. He didn’t want the preparation creams putting on his hands or arms and whilst he didn’t react when they began taking blood, on noticing the needle in his arm he went into panic and tried to get away. In the end it took me and two nurses to restrain him while another finished taking his blood all the while he was screaming his lungs off. Not something I ever want to have to do again.

The rest of the week was great though. I registered onto the Beginners and Enhanced Makaton Workshops. I start in April. I cant wait to take our communication with Bruiser onto the next level. We also received confirmation for Bruiser to start his 3yr funded sessions at our local children’s centre… in 4 weeks no less. I’m going to miss him so much. I’m not ready to let him go yet. In the meantime, im going to make the most of every minute until he starts.

Thursday was World Book Day and Wriggler got to dress up for the day in celebration. He went as his favorite Comic Book Hero Spiderman!! In true Spiderman (aka Wriggler) style he was swinging from the rafters on his webs from the moment he got up that morning!

The Boys have been very arty and crafty this week. They did lots of drawings. Bruiser even drew round his hand for the first time. His scribbles looked nothing like a hand shape, but he tried bless him. It was lovely to see the concentration on his face. While at school and nursery, They also made their Mothers Day cards for me. Which are perfect I might add! Sunday whilst I was out on my ‘Spa Day’, they made a pop out Super Mum picture and some tissue paper roses. All simply beautiful and so very precious. More keepsakes for the box.

Saturday we bought a Trampoline 🙂 But in true British weather style, Mother Nature decided against letting the boys enjoy it and it rained all weekend. We’re hoping to have it up by next weekend though. Watch this space!

We also had a few more flutters of snow this weekend. Monday was best though, the boys were very excited to see that it was white over outside when they got up!


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