Makaton Monday ~ Aeroplane

Along with Cars, Trains and Helicopters, Aeroplanes were one of Bruiser’s first loves… They had spinny things 😀

Toys with propellers, wheels, whatever, he obsessed over them from a very young age. That obsession has spread to everything, if he sees an aeroplane in the sky, he even looks for them on the school run or through a car window on journeys out. Some of his favorite cartoons on tv are the ones with aeroplanes, he loves them all and will repeatedly watch them.

Whilst his obsession for spinny things has tapered off slightly since he discovered he could do more with the toys other than spin parts of them, He still loves them all. His favorite toy that’s goes everywhere with him is his space shuttle… it’s a plane come rocket!!

He does struggle to say aeroplane, most time he will just sign it. But, occasionally we get a sound from him that resembles something like ‘anennen’.

Bruiser with his 'anennen'

Bruiser with his ‘anennen or dotit’ (aeroplane / rocket)








Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

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