This Is My 365 ~ 71-77

The last seven days have been full of fun, smiles, giggles and cuddles!

Having taught Bruiser to use the camera. I left him to his own devices most of the week with it. He’s took some cracking pictures starting with his fingers which covered the lens for the first day, but eventually the tv, his feet, seats, and his own face bless him.

Following on from World Book Day last week, Wriggler purchased a new book from his school book fair this week, Spiderman, Obviously! He pretty much read most of it that first night, on his own. He’s not a big reader but when he does read he reads so well. Wriggler also had lots of fun Friday for Red Nose Day at school. 

Me and Bruiser spent the day with my Nan, Bruiser’s Great Nan. She loved having us round. My Nan really got to know Bruiser a little better this time as Wriggler wasn’t with us. He came out of his shell so much more than he normally would. By the time we left he was calling her Nannan, which made her week!

The weekend was a quiet one spent at home to enjoy some quality family time. We put up the Trampoline for the boys. (well they had been waiting a full week for it) They loved it! It didn’t half tire Bruiser out though to the point of exhaustion. We had meltdowns a plenty! But the weather rained on their fun again sunday, only giving them an hour on it. I’m still waiting for my go 😉

The boys have also been enjoying some new films that we introduced to them, Ghostbusters 2 and Ace Ventura 2. Wriggler especially loves them, he even made himself his own proton pack. But the smiles while watching Ace Ventura were out of this world.



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