This Is My 365 ~ 78-84

Its been quite a week! They boys have enjoyed every minute. Their obsession for taking photos went up another level this week, I taught them both how to use the timer on the camera to take pictures of themselves. Looking through the pictures has been interesting and funny to say the very least. I’m going to share their photos in separate post of their own, but my favorite picture of them all has to be the one of them both cuddling together looking straight at the camera. I can’t believe how alike they really are and given their lack of photography expertise its a cracking picture, no missing heads or limbs and no random ceiling shot!

It would seem that Wednesday is fast becoming our ‘McDonald’s for tea’ day 🙂 It was supposed to be our ‘after school park day’ now that spring is finally here but the weather isnt ready to play ball just yet! They both love the little treat, as soon I collect Wriggler from school they both shout ‘McDonald’s yeyyyy’ at me as we drive away!

The boys both went to the library this week so there are plenty of new books to read knocking around. Wriggler went with school and came back with a Science Encyclopedia. Bruiser returned his books but refused to let the Space reference books go back so we renewed those. He loves them and they make for great bedtime reading for both boys. Bruiser can now point out (without assistance) and say (in his own little way) big-bang, nebula, galaxy, solar system, Saturn, sun, moon, earth!

Snow flutters were fast becoming the theme of the week and by Friday excitement was in the air as we saw the start of heavier snow falls. But saturday was by far the best day of the year. The boys were overjoyed to wake up to a good 5-inch of snow. For Bruiser, because of the wind chill, it was simply too cold to be out in it much to his disappointment 😦

Wriggler astonished us this week… get this, he can arm-pit-trump the Gangnam Style tune 😀 (who knew!) It was so funny to watch and hear. But he’s good!

The boys enjoyed cuddles with my brother, their Uncle while watching Captain America on Sunday at bedtime. Bruiser showed great affection towards his Uncle which we wouldn’t normally see so it was lovely to capture this special moment.

This week though heralded the end of the spring term for school… and despite the covering of snow on the ground, the Easter Holidays are now upon us. So began our craft extravaganza!



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