This Is My 365 ~ 85-90

The Easter Holidays continued this week. We’ve had lots of quality time together mostly spent relaxing, building Lego vehicles, houses, coin activated candy machines,.. yes really!! So, this post is coming to you somewhat delayed as I decided to take a break from blogging for the holidays and just enjoy my time with the boys.

I think the only day not dominated by Lego was thursday when we visited my Nan, the boys’ Great Nannan. Oh how she loves to see them and spoil them with cuddles and kisses.

The boys’ fascination with the camera has carried on into this week too. I love looking through their pictures. Seeing the world from their perspective is some what refreshing πŸ™‚

Wrigglers’s favorite part of the week was cuddling up to Bruiser while they watched Toy Story and Bruiser falling asleep on him. Such a lovely tender moment between them. Wriggler loves and dotes on his brother and although Bruiser doesn’t really show his affection its these moments that make his innermost feeling clear!

Bruiser’s space obsession took itself to another level this week too, we introduced him to some space documentaries on you tube. He loved them!! for half hour to almost an hour he now sits glued to the screen, never leaving it, taking it all in (he reminds me of a sponge and water) naming the bits that he knows like nebulas, galaxies, earth, sun. He’s one bright little boy!

We all enjoyed a lovely Easter weekend spent with each other, visiting those dearest to us and eating our own body weight in chocolate. It looks from our Easter Sunday Morning photo that the boys were inundated, they were! But, we only got them 2-a-piece…. the credit for the abundance of chocolate goes to their Grandparents πŸ™‚


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