This Is My 365 ~ 91-97

Second week of the school Holidays and Daddy was off for the whole week, much to the joy of the boys. They love having Daddy home so its been nice to spend some quality time together. We’ve been shopping, to the park, started decorating, bowling, got creative and just generally chilled out again!

We’ve had a few firsts again this week too. Bruiser fell asleep eating! with a mouth full of food no less. He’s never done this before not even as a small baby. I think the lack of sleep just lately is taking its toll. He also had a proper hair cut at the hairdressers and sat eyes closed while they did his hair on a number 5. He usually has it done with scissors while he has a meltdown (he hates his hair and ears been messed with). It’s never a pleasant experience but on this occasion, I think he enjoyed the sensation of the hair shears!

Wriggler got some new ‘rock on tommys’. (trousers with shoulder straps)… for those not in the know, years ago we got him a very similar pair and his Daddy taught him to say ‘Rock on Tommy’ while pulling on the straps. (I believe it comes from a programme back from our childhood or probably earlier.. ‘Cannon & Ball’?!) and although Wriggler has never seen it, the quote has stuck and so was born ‘rock on tommy’ trousers!

Bruiser has been very creative and drawn us some lovely pictures of our galaxy, earth and the big bang, definite pictures for the keepsake box!

The boys also enjoyed more cuddles in front of the tv… this time watching Easter Eggs Live that we recorded for them! They were fascinated!


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