New Beginnings

This week for our family heralded the start of new eras for three of us. Me Wriggler & Bruiser.

For Bruiser, it was the start of his education! Yes he has started his nef funded nursery sessions. Whilst thankfully it’s not technically preschool I will be loosing my little side kick for 15 hours a week. He will be doing his sessions in our local children’s centre where he currently attends. For him its familiar surrounding and people and given that he doesn’t like change, I think will help make the transition to actual preschool so much easier. It will get him used to the routine of going to a structured setting and hopefully by the time he makes the transition to preschool next door, I wont have to listen to him screaming his little lungs off outside the building when I leave him each day! 😦 *sniff sniff*

For Wriggler, he started a group called Sibling Support. It’s a special group run by Barnardo’s, that he will attend for next few months where he will learn with other children about their siblings disabilities. Wriggler’s group is for children whose siblings are autistic. Whilst we don’t have an offical diagnosis yet for Bruiser, this is about preparing Wriggler for what lies ahead and help him better understand his little brother. They have professionals in to talk to the children and they can ask them anything they want. They also talk about how it affects their lives, and why their brother/sister is like they are. I think he’s going to know more than us soon. They do lots of crafts to support their learning and even give them their tea. Wriggler took along ‘doggy’ and ‘frank’ his cuddly companions on his first session but it turned out that he loved it. He doesn’t think that he will be needing their company the next time goes as he has already made some friends. 🙂

For Me, I start my journey to become a Makaton Tutor. I will be starting the official Makaton Training this week. Whilst in the last 9 months I have become quite proficient at Makaton using it with Bruiser to communicate, I am self-taught (with a little assitance from Bruiser’s speech and language therapist) and I don’t know nearly half as much as need to, to more effectively communicate with Bruiser. So I am doing it properly and starting right at the bottom with the beginners course. This will assist us all as a family immensely when I start sharing with Wriggler and my Hubby and we can begin to use it with Bruiser more and more. I am really really excited about this and I cant wait to start! Wish me luck and watch this space for updates 😉


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