This Is My 365 ~ 105-111

This week we have seen a turn in the weather for the better which has given us the opportunity to get outside more and enjoy the out doors.

There has been family time a plenty with cuddles on a lazy saturday morning and board games! The boys have enjoyed playing tennis and golf on the Wii a couple of times this week too. While Wriggler is actually really good and quite the competitor, Bruiser just waves his arms around pressing buttons. He doesn’t do that bad considering!

The boys got me on the trampoline for a few hours which was great fun. I havent been on a trampoline since I was at school. Boy did my arms and shoulders hurt the following day. The boys clearly are in much better shape than me πŸ™‚ It was so funny though. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend that any one with a trampoline, get on it with the kiddies. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Bruiser has been helping his Daddy wash the car. Turns out he’s more of a hinderance! He likes blasting the car with the hose pipe without a care in the world for who is in the way. They all come in looking like drowned rats!

I’ve decided that Bruiser is getting way too big for his pram, but clearly he’s not ready to give it up just yet. He likes a good old snooze on the afternoon school run!

This week, I even managed a night out on the tiles with the Yummies! Well, Mummy’s need ‘play dates’ too πŸ˜‰

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