This Is My 365 ~ 112-118

This week has been action packed. Three school runs a day make the days just disappear. Between that, and normal day-to-day stuff, and now my Makaton course, finding time to make sure the boys get to enjoy something other than the normal has been hard going.

I think the high light for the boys was the Firemen coming πŸ™‚ Our smoke alarms needed replacing, when I called the Fire Service and arranged for them to come round, I wasnt expecting an engine and four firemen turning up. But we didn’t complain. The boys loved exploring the engine and the rest of the week they enjoyed playing firemen and dressing up! Wriggler got quite creative with his outfit, who knew a blanket and a transformers mask could make a fireman!

Its been a week for reading too. Bruiser spent some quality time with his Inclusion Worker who showed him how to ‘sign’ the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. The boys have loved sharing this book, its Β favorite for them both. A trip to the library resulted in them each borrowing a copy of it, not to mention another family favorite, The Gruffalo and more books about space and planets!

Bruiser had a lesson in washing up the pots, but that didn’t last long and soon turned into a kitchen soaking play session πŸ™‚

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