This Is My 365 ~ 119-125

Yey the wonderful weather is finally upon us πŸ™‚ Happy Days!

This week, Sporticus has featured heavily. Bruiser refuses to take off the Sporticus outfit. He’s worn it for nursery, shopping, generally playing and knocking about and he even tried to wear it for bed! He’s really enjoying watching Lazytown and acting out while he watches it. It’s not a side the Bruiser we’ve seen before so we’ve been encouraging it along and pretending to be in trouble so he comes bounding in, jumping and doing forward rolls to come to our assistance.

The boys have been Mummy and Daddy’s little helpers, in the garden, doing the house work and out shopping. Its kept them entertained while giving us the opportunity to get stuff done.

Wriggler and Bruiser proved this week that they can ‘work together’ not so much against us but to get what they want! Wednesday the shopping came, I put it all away and as usual removed the boxes before putting the things in the freezer. The boxes were all stacked on the side waiting to be taken to the recycling bins. On returning from school, I was upstairs getting changed, as I made my way down stairs, Bruiser was stood in the doorway to the kitchen shouting ‘MEEMEE’ ‘Meemee dare’ (in english… MUMMY! Mummy’s there!) and came running for a cuddle. At the same time I heard lots of commotion coming from the kitchen. I went in and Wriggler was crouched by his activity cupboard trying in vain to shut the cupboard doors before I saw. He didn’t manage it because all the boxes that had been on the side came crashing back out!! Yes he’d taken the boxes and tried hiding them in his cupboard to use later. I don’t know for sure that they had concocted together but, Bruiser stood in the doorway and purposely telling his brother when I appeared makes he suspect that they had!! Is the a start of things to come?? πŸ™‚

I successfully completed my Makaton Beginners course this week. I’m glad it’s under the belt now so I can move on and do the enhanced course in July. Bruiser is above beginners level in his use of Makaton and is so ready for the next stage (which he already knows a fair bit of). This leads me on to a Makaton Story we created in our course this week. Bruiser already recognises a lot of the Makaton symbols and when he saw the story, he loved pointing out what he knew and then sat back while I read and signed it all to him. He loved it and Wriggler, he was very interested that Makaton has symbols that he can draw. Wonder where he will take that…


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