This Is My 365 ~ 126-132

We’ve had some big moments with the boys this week and some firsts!

Bruiser discovered shoes with wheels, yes that’s right roller skates! He loved them and wasnt scared to move around on them either. He was though, absolutely distraught when he had to take them off when we left a relatives house. It gave me and idea for a Christmas present for him though.

Wriggler got another wobbly tooth, his 3rd! 😦 It’s almost a year since he got his first wobbly tooth and in that time he has only lost his two bottom front ones. But since then his big teeth have grown through and its been like he never even lost them. Wriggler loosing his teeth is just another reminder that he’s growing up (too fast).

Other events have seen Bruiser and Wriggler been creative as always. Bruiser has taken a new laid back approach to eating his yogurt at supper time and Wriggler is clocking up some miles on his scooter now. A day doesn’t go by that he isn’t on it. He must do a good three miles a day at the very least as that’s the school run round trip! Bruiser also decided that eating isn’t all that bad and has started tucking into and trying new foods. It’s still a very limited bland tasting yellow/orange/beige coloured selection of food but its progress! He even ate his lunch at nursery for the first time since he was a baby!

The highlight though this week was Bruiser moving into a big boy bed. My heart is broken, he really isn’t a baby any more. The cot was the last proper baby thing left in the house. But, he loves his little bed and im slowly getting used to it now.


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