Bruisers New Bed

Last weekend marked the end of a HUGE era in our house. The end of our baby era…. Bruiser got a big boy bed! :”(

Despite him been over 3yrs old, he has always loved the safeness and familiarity of his cot. It was a huge part of his bedtime routine. He’s always slept so well too so we were loathed to make any changes that would interrupt that. However these last few months have seen Bruiser refusing to go to sleep, waking-up up to ten times a night screaming for us and refusing to go back to sleep. If we are lucky we get 2 straight hours all night! So, now seemed like the perfect time to make that change, bedtime couldn’t get any worse could it?!

Usually when something is going to change, we have to prepare Bruiser beforehand to help him adjust. But, because Bruiser takes things very literally too, if we told him he was getting a new bed, he’d expect there and then! So, we didn’t tell him he was getting a new bed until the afternoon we collected it.

He seemed very excited about it though. He was enthusiastic and happy when his Daddy came home with it. So much so, he wanted to help!

Before that though, it was time for last lie down in his cot! *sniff sniff*

Before that though, it was time for last lie down in his cot! *sniff sniff*


Bedtime went wonderfully. As wonderfully as it could anyway… He still refused to go to sleep and he still woke what seemed like a hundred times that night but he loved his bed and was happy to be in it and sleep in it!




18 thoughts on “Bruisers New Bed

  1. Jaime Oliver says:

    awww what a lovely post, we are in exactly the same boat, joshua is 2 and always slept through so now he has started waking in the night we have bought the same bed and after our hols in 3 weeks he is going into his big boy bed!

    It really is a #magicmoment thanks for linking up


  2. niccilouise says:

    Our daughter enjoyed her transition to her big bed too.. making it an event helps though! It must be bittersweet for you as he is the youngest, but it looks like the whole family enjoyed the day. Well done x


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