Wrigglers First Residential

I’m writing this post with a heavy heart this morning. My little boy, my baby went on his first over night school trip only hours ago *sobs very loudly*

Apart from one sleepover with some close friends, he has never slept away from home ever and apart from when I was in hospital with Bruiser, I’ve never spent a night without him.

From the moment the trip was announced though he wanted to go and as the time drew nearer the excitement increased. Last night it was over flowing! He could barely eat his tea. Once he was bathed and ready for bed I helped him pack his case.

As expected he was up VERY early this morning. He came bouncing into our room before 6am saying ‘ITS TODAY!!, can I go down and get ready?’ After a quick cuddle, he did just that. In the time it took me to get up and come down stairs, he was dressed and sat with his case and bags waiting for breakfast!Β He barely ate anything though.

Before long he was good to go… excitement bursting out of him!

Off to school we went πŸ™‚

wrigglers residential

It was an emotional farewell waving him off on the coach with his friends.

wrigglers residential

I know he’s going to have a wonderful time. He will be taking part in Archery, Zip Lining, Orienteering, Treasure Hunts and he will be having his first Campfire in the evening!! I’m actually really excited for him. But im going to miss him soooo very much!


Im linking this post up from last week for #magicmoments

7 thoughts on “Wrigglers First Residential

    • Mummy Wife Woman says:

      It is. He still seems too young at 7 for this but he was so eager to go and I wasnt about to say no because of my own hangups. He loved it though. Came back very tired and a little emotional, think it was a bit of a downer after all that excitement!


  1. FamilyFourFun says:

    E just did his first school residential and had a fab time but didn’t sleep. It feels such a huge step and yet they do it without so much as a backwards glance, hope he has a fantastic time and you enjoyed a bit of peace πŸ˜‰ xx


    • Mummy Wife Woman says:

      They do dont they. Didnt get a single wimper or tear of Wriggler. He was ready for it. But thats the way it should be I think! I didnt like the quiet much though. It was too quiet and I missed him terribly. Bruiser missed his playmate too.


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