That First Precious Cuddle

Nine long months we carry our babies. Some of us not even that long! But, all the time we are longing for that 1st cuddle.

Out of all the books you read, all the advice you receive, all the stories others tell you about their birth experiences, none of them prepare you for that moment. The rush of love that flows through your body the moment your baby is placed in your arms is overwhelming and out of this world.ย Absolutely NOTHINGย beats or even comes close to that very first cuddle with your new-born baby. The ultimate #magicmoment in my opinion!


When Wriggler was born he was placed on my tummy and chest immediately after delivery for instant skin to skin while my Hubby cut the umbilical cord before he was swaddled up and placed in my arms.

My 1st cuddle with Wriggler, he was minutes old.

My 1st cuddle with Wriggler, he was minutes old.


With Bruiser, my first cuddle didn’t happen at birth as he was whisked off to the NICU (which was heart breaking). What do they say?? The best things come to those who wait?! Boy did I have to wait. But you know what that didnt take away any of those feelings. It made it all the more special!

My first cuddle with Bruiser, he was 6days old!

My first cuddle with Bruiser, he was 6-days old!


I’ll never forget those 1st cuddles for as long as I live. If I close my eyes, I can still feel them!


16 thoughts on “That First Precious Cuddle

  1. Daisy Broomfield says:

    Wow. Those really are #MagicMoments. I had to have an emercency caesarian with my first, and under general anaesthetic so it was a while before I was awake enough to hold him, but you’re right, however it happens there is nothing like that first cuddle. You’ve brought a tear to my eye!!


  2. Kelly finn says:

    Hello, popping over from magic moments.
    I can wholeheartedly agree with this, it was the most amazing magic moment ever. She was awake when born and stared straight into my eyes, I was 1000000% in love from the second. Mesmerising.


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