Makaton Monday ~ Green

Green… Bruiser’s favorite colour. How funny that Bruiser should discover a butterfly, his favorite creature sporting his favorite colour!!

I’ve previously shared the sign for Butterfly and I have to admit, its one of my favorite signs and considering the complexity of it, Bruiser can sign it wonderfully too.

Bruiser found the butterfly fluttering around the kitchen. In fact we’ve had quite a few these last few weeks coming into the house and generally wreaking havoc as Bruiser chased them around the house trying to catch them to ‘talk’ to them! Because that’s exactly what he did with this little green one.

He signed to the butterfly that it was a butterfly. He told it, it was ‘green’. He told the butterfly it was his friend. He then proceeded to push it around the house on his trike.

He was so loving towards it which is unusual for Bruiser as he’s normally only affectionate with inanimate objects. He kept signing to me that it was green. ‘It geeen mumeeee, geeen’ 😀

I will point at this point that the ‘Butterfly’ was very dosile, probably due to the heat (can you blame it) and that it was not harmed at all while Bruiser explored and played.





Bruiser signing 'GREEN'

Bruiser signing ‘GEEEN’ (Green)


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.



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