Bringing Baby Home

I, (as I am sure most of you were too) was eagerly awaiting Kate and William leaving hospital with their precious baby boy last week. It was so lovely to watch them, they looked so happy. I was happy for them. It’s such a wonderful moment in your life as a new parent. Even Wriggler and Bruiser watched it. Wriggler was quite aware of it all as they have talked about it at school and when I told him on the monday morning that his future king or queen was going to be born that day he couldn’t quite believe it. Bruiser wasnt really aware of what was going off but when they came out he kept saying awww bebee bebee and signing ‘baby’.

I actually felt quite emotional watching it. It brought back so many wonderful memories of bringing my babies home for the first time and those first precious hours at home, starting our life together. I couldn’t not look back through the photos, it was lovely to see them again and relive the memories and share them with the boys and talk to them about the day that we fetched each of them home and tell them how special it was.

Bringing your baby home is special no matter how many children you have but each one is uniquely precious. For Wriggler, he was our first-born! We had waited 9 long months for this moment. We were so SO happy but also scared to death about parenthood and what was in store for us.

For Bruiser, when he was born, we never thought we would take him home so this day was so very special for so many reasons. Again we were so SO happy, but yet petrified (i think that best describes the feeling), we were bringing a 4 week old premmie home, 5 weeks before his actual due date, whats not to be scared about? *eeeek

Bruiser came home twice though…. At 11 days old, he was transferred from the Calderdale/Halifax Hospital NICU to the NICU at our local hospital.

Then 17 days later we finally fetched him home with us.


Our Family Complete

Our Family Complete


Bringing Baby Home… It couldn’t be anything else for my #magicmoments post this week πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Bringing Baby Home

  1. sandinmytoestk says:

    Awww, such lovely pics! I was in a bit of a daze when we got my baby home, but there’s a beautiful pic of him when we put him down in his crib for the first time.


    • Mummy Wife Woman says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I know what you mean, I felt the same after having Wriggler. Because of that I too dont have that many pictures of bringing him home compared to Bruiser. You got a prefect picture though, that first time in their crib/basket πŸ™‚ x


  2. Angeline says:

    Those are lovely pictures. The 1st journey home is so scary, isnt it? So glad that all worked out with your second baby and although early, its fantastic that you got him home 17 days later! He must be a strong boy! The last pic of you all together is really lovely!


  3. ginacaro says:

    Aww that’s a sweet post. I love looking at pictures of babies when they first come home, you forget how small they were x


  4. PODcast (@The_Doves) says:

    What a wonderful post, lovely photos of you all together too. I think we all got a bit emotional with the royal baby although my toddler didn’t understand why we were waiting for a baby to come out of a door (she wanted Peppa Pig!)


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