I Have Letters After My Name

You can do all the studying in the world to become a lawyer, a doctor, a surgeon etc and those qualifications will give you endless letters after your name and make you look so very important but none, none of them come close to the letters I have been bestowed with by amazing little boy Wriggler.

You see, im a BMF.Β For those of you not familiar with BMF, it stands for Best Mummy Forever.

On my birthday a fortnight ago whilst on holiday, Wriggler gave me the most beautiful card he had made himself. It was from him and Bruiser. I’ve always loved his handmade cards and gifts but this one sits amongst the best, It melted my heart.

i have letters after my name


I’m linking up this post today with #MagicMoments because it really was a magic moment to be given something so wonderful and precious. It meant the world to me. I really do have the best job in the world.

14 thoughts on “I Have Letters After My Name

  1. Nicola Robson says:

    Very special. I sing a version of Grandma we love you to my children at bed time – using each of their names in place of Grandma. The sweetest moment is when they sing it back to me – my two year old singing “Mummy, love ooo, mummy dooo!”


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