Makaton Monday ~ Friend

Bruiser is really enjoying school, FACT!! He does take some time to separate from me and this gets him rather distressed some days but he’s getting better. He’s got a favorite adult he likes to go to now and she is just brilliant with him.

His teacher tells me he is doing really well too. He signs lots and his verbal communication is coming along great and he’s doing  lots of talking. This is great for Bruiser, he obviously feels confident enough to sign and talk with the adults in his setting even so early on.

I remember seeing the look on the practitioners face in the last TAC meeting we had when we discussed his transition into pre-school when she discovered his ‘signabulary’ consisted of over 500 signs!! She was Makaton trained but felt that she was going to need to brush up on it over the summer ready to work with him. Whatever preparation they did at their end though to help Bruiser’s transition it’s worked very well!

Bruiser has even started to make a few friends. I say friends ‘hesitantly’ because these aren’t go to children that he instantly just got along with. Bruiser doesn’t interact like that. Whilst he does occasionally play alongside other children in pre-school, it’s a couple of children on the walk home that he is slowly building little friendships with.  It took a few weeks, but they now ride their scooters together, they play hide and seek in the cemetery, they run around together. He doesnt really talk to them yet but, you can see that he wants to, you can see it in his face and his body language. I’m hoping that as his confidence around other children grows his ability to interact with them will too. One step at a time though!

Last week after we’d left his friends and made our way to our house, he turned to me and signed that they were his friends.  It was someting that I never expected to hear him say, it brough tears to my eyes.





Bruiser signing 'Friend'

Bruiser signing ‘Friend’


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

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