Makaton Monday ~ Shop

I love this sign, it goes back almost 18 months. It was one of the first signs we ever taught Bruiser and one of the first that he ever used.

Bruiser loves going to the ‘adops’ (shops). He loves to look at the toys. He also likes to help me shop. He loves to help find what I need on the shelves, in turn that helps me keep him distracted on those difficult days.

It was only yesterday though, he’s started wanting to play shops! (another first!) Thank you to Mr Tumble again. During yesterdays airing of the Something Special Out & About programme, Justin was pretending to be a shop keeper. Bruiser was glued to the TV from start to finish. Immediately after it finished he asked me to get Wrigglers ‘adop’ out. For an hour we then pretended to play shop keepers taking turns to be the shopper and the keeper. I could propably count on one hand how many times Bruiser has pretend played like that in his whole life so it was really lovely to share that time with Bruiser.





Bruiser signing 'adop' (Shop)

Bruiser signing ‘adop’ (Shop)


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.



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