Makaton Monday ~ Cold

*shivers* ‘i dold, me weezin’ (its cold, im freezing) probably the most used sign and phrase from Bruiser this last week.

Seriously what did happen to the weather? I know its winter I get that but, it’s now forecast the worst winter for sixty years, allegedly! Whilst that sounds awful to most, we have actually got our fingers crossed for some serious snow. Since I mentioned other day to boys that it was going to snow soon, they’re waking up every day looking out of the window. Wriggler is asking how many sleeps till it snows. Bruiser as much as he does love the snow, the cold is too much of a sensory overload for him. It’s not just the cold, its wet too and he doesn’t like been wet, or anything he’s wearing being wet and then there is the wind. I’m hoping that when he has his sensory profiling done next month and he then starts with some Occupational Therapy that he might start to learn to like it a little more.

What I like about this sign is that you do it without realising. Everyone does. It’s so easy to learn. Bruiser is quite comical when he signs ‘Cold’ because his whole body does a little shakey jig when he does it. I’m going to have to capture it on video!!





Bruiser signing 'dold' (COLD)

Bruiser signing ‘dold’ (COLD)


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

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