Makaton Monday ~ How Many (Sleeps)?

Its time of year again and I can well imagine that most children have asked THE question by now… How many sleeps is it till Christmas?

I have to admit that we’ve been in countdown for lasts few months! Wriggler gets soooooo excited and has done since he was Bruisers age (3). Bruiser on the other hand doesn’t really realise whats happening yet (we don’t think). We keep talking about it and mentioning that is Christmas soon. When he has seen toys in the shops and asks to take them home, we tell him we will put them on his christmas list. He’s shown his understanding of this very recently, we he sees toys he likes now, he says ‘me det it mismas?’.

Christmas preparations are taking place at school too, we’ve recently had a letter saying that Bruiser is going to be a sheep in his nativity. That I cannot wait to see 😀

Todays sign is relatively new to Bruiser. Although its one we use a lot when we are counting with him. It’s not one we have seen him use as yet. I hope that in the coming weeks with Wriggler now using it too, he will use it himself. He copies everything Wriggler does, and Wriggler asks EVERY DAY how many sleeps it is to christmas.

The question I have for the Makaton Charity is; which sign would be the most appropriate to use for ‘sleeps’? ‘To Sleep’ ‘Day’ ‘Night’ or is there another sign?





Bruiser signing 'How Many'

Bruiser signing ‘How Many’


Looking for some Christmas Signs? Visit the Makaton website where you can find all the Christmas Vocabulary and more, including The First Christmas Story and Christmas Cards.


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.



4 thoughts on “Makaton Monday ~ How Many (Sleeps)?

  1. Iona@Redpeffer says:

    The excitement is building here too! How cute that Bruiser’s going to be a sheep 🙂 Personally I think I’d go for the ‘to sleep’ sign, but it would be interesting to know what Makaton themselves say.


  2. The Makaton Charity says:

    Hello 🙂

    Great blog as always! This is quite a complex one really because it depends on how you answer the question and also Bruiser and Wriggler’s understanding of time concepts.

    You could use the signs for ‘How many’ + ‘To sleep’. For lots of us, Christmas starts very early one morning after a sleep! However, if this is too complex, you could use the signs for ‘How many’ + ‘Day’.

    To help answer the question it may be useful to use something like an advent calendar or a wall planner to help count down the days, so that there is an additional visual reference to aid understanding.

    How do you answer the question?


    • Mummy Wife Woman says:

      Thank you Makaton for your lovely comment and clarification. Both Bruiser and Wriggler used the ‘to sleep’ sign but Bruiser bless him couldn’t grasp the countdown and was using the numbers on his advent calendar to tell him how many sleeps, so the closer we got the christmas the higher the sleep count got. So very confusing for him but once we got to Christmas Eve he had it figured out!


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