Im Back!!

I do hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

So, it’s probably not escaped your notice that I havent blogged for a while, okay a few weeks, in fact its been over a month!

Not blogging wasn’t intentional, it just kind of happened. I was stressed out. Christmas was weeks away, I hadn’t prepared or bought anything. The boys’ social lives were taking off with parties and shows. Bruiser was struggling, he went back to not sleeping (despite been on melatonin!!) routines were changing and I was inundated with meetings, hospital or therapy appointments for the boys. In general life was very hard going and anything that wasnt a priority simply fell to the wayside. I didn’t even have the energy to keep up my appearances… I’m sure you are aware of ‘that’ look, unwashed (dry shampoo’d) hair scraped back, un-ironed clothes, bags under eyes, untidy nails! Dont even get me started on the mountain of housework that went days/weeks undone!

Me and Hubby have lived on tenterhooks for the last few weeks with Bruiser. His inability to deal with his emotions and the change of routines has rocked us all. Just been off school has been hell. Not to mention throwing Bruiser in front of the big man several times, when he even struggles to acknowledge his own grandparents, aunts and uncles that he’s known all his life. He doesn’t understand time concepts very well, so the countdown didn’t really happen for him. Its been emotionally draining and that’s putting it mildly! (and now the return to school has been equally as painful) 

I really didn’t think Christmas was going to happen. I still can’t believe that I did it, that I pulled it off… and stayed sane!! Okay so the last bit is probably a lie 😉

The boys have loved it though and its been absolutely magical. I’ve loved spending some quality time with them both and my dear Hubby.

So, we made it, we got through it! I found my mojo, eventually… and im back! 🙂 (woohoo) and we are ready for this year. Bring it on 2014, do your worst!!

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