Keep Calm & Keep Warm

It hasn’t been the coldest of winters and we havent yet had the snow me and my boys have been eagerly anticipating however, it has been cold enough to warrant some Heat Holders!

I was sent a lovely Heat Holders hat and matching gloves for the purpose of a review. Initially I hoped that Wriggler would be able to wear and review them himself. Wriggler suffers terribly in the cold, in fact he is allergic to the cold. Yeah you read that right, hes allergic to the cold!

(Wriggler suffers with Allergic Angioedema. Angioedema is the swelling of the deeper layers of the skin, caused by a build-up of fluid. Allergic Angeodema occurs when the swelling is caused by an allergic reaction, such as a reaction to peanuts, and can be accompanied with anaphylaxis. In Wrigglers case the trigger is the cold.)

So you can imagine keeping him warm is paramount in the winter. Unfortunately, the hat and gloves were too big for Wriggler so I have been wearing them. I spend a lot of my week out and about on school runs, in fact I spend at least 15 hours a week doing the school runs. Keeping warm is also essential for me too.

The gloves are very well made and extremely thick. They have 2.3 Tog rating. The soft microluxe pile lining has a super soft feel and captures heat to keep your hands warmer for longer by holding warm air close to the skin. Whilst the gloves are 100% acrylic, they don’t make your hands sweat. When you take them off, your hands are just toasty warm.

The hat is a 3.4 tog rating and again is very well made and super thick. It is knitted in a classic cable pattern using an insulating yarn that can protect against cold and keep away moisture. The hat lining like the gloves is also made from the super soft microluxe pile lining to capture the heat to keep your head warm.

Some of my other hats after a while made my head itch around my forehead, but the Heat Holders hat didn’t. It was so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it. I was even more surprised that after wearing the hat and gloves one freezing rainy morning that when I got back home, my hands and head were dry and toasty warm but, on the outside of the gloves and hat, they were soaking wet! They dried very quickly on the radiator, ready to use again a few hours later.

All in all I loved the Hat and Gloves and they have now replaced my usual set. Wriggler has worn them on occasion when he started having a reaction to the cold on the way home. He told me that they were so soft and warm inside he could sleep in them 🙂

Both of my boys now own some Heat Holders socks and wear them inside their wellies.

The socks keep their little toes all nice and warm when they are splashing around in the muddy puddles. I only wish they made hats and gloves for children, as both Wriggler and Bruiser would have their own too!

I’m sure that when the snow eventually arrives (and it will… we had snow at easter last year!!) the hat, gloves and the boys socks will more than keep us toasty warm giving us more time outside to enjoy the snow!

You can purchase your own Heat Holders by clicking this link. These particular hat and gloves together would cost £23.00. I admit that does initially seem quite steep, but I would say they are well worth the investment. You can also browse their entire collection for women, men and children from hats, gloves and socks to thermal underwear, ski socks and snug rugs! Personally I quite like the sound of their thermal leggings 😉 … Staples for every winter cupboard!



I was sent the Heat Holders Hat and Gloves free of charge for the purpose of this review, I have received no other form of financial compensation and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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